Brainwashing – Old and New

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I’d like to preface this post with a…hmm… ‘Trigger warning’ (urgh). Further down it goes anti-Islamic, and generally anti-religion. But I want to be very clear that it is not anti-Muslim or anti-religious person, and I try to make that clear distinction.

The critique of an ideology is not bigotry, so if anybody has opposing opinions, we can discuss it civilly below!

Brainwashing is such an overused term when trolling or generally arguing on the internet, that the potency of its effects are often undermined.


Brainwashing is an incredible global force that in many ways has defined and carved civilisation. Think about that. Some ridiculous Chinese people revere in Hitler’s achievements, saying he’s strong and changed the world for the better with some sacrifices – Just like Mao!

Historians often claim that Genghis Khan and the Mongol empire was one of the best things that ever happened to us; it connected the east with the west and set up the blueprints of continental trade and communication that we thrive on to this day.

But close your eyes and imagine being there. Imagine being the victim of Khan’s wrath, of Hitler’s ideas and ideology. Imagine being thrown into the mud ad a group of nomadic, brutal men throw planks of wood on you and your child, so you serve as the foundations for a victory party, with dozens of horses and hundreds of men trampling you from above, breaking your ribs, your children’s skull, and the hundreds of other victims surrounding your now broken and lifeless corpse.

Suddenly, that continental connection doesn’t seem so important.

Imagine looking up in your final breath, having had a bullet in your lungs, and seeing a field, plain and flat, as far as the eye can see on a snowy winters day in Stalingrad, yet you can’t actually see any grass or plains, but instead, carcass after carcass, lined up head to toe, messy piles reaching as far as the eye can see, like blades of grass that had just been mowed down by an industrial lawnmower.

battle of Stalingrad… the results

Suddenly, Hitler’s ideology doesn’t seem so valid.

Time is a natural brainwasher, and a very powerful one at that. We look at the 1200’s in amazement, but we can’t grasp the kind of world the 1200’s under the power of the Khan. It’s just too far away.
ISIS is nothing, ISIS is an ageing mosquito, slowly buzzing near your ear compared to the world our ancestors lived in.

This kind of brainwashing is inevitable in most ways beneficial. Living with this kind of knowledge every day would be the end of us.


But although there are still countless atrocities going on right now, we really do live in a time of comparative peace. In fact, it is easily the most peaceful era in human history.

But as a result, a new kind of brainwashing has been born: Voluntary Brainwashing. And I can’t stand it.

Recently, my home country, England, has seen Islamic terrorism hit its shores again. It’s terrible, and it happens all over the world on a regular basis. Pick any birthday, and you can be sure to find a bunch of deaths related to Islamic terrorism on that day (I checked). So do we really have to keep pushing the ‘not all Muslims’ agenda, one of the most prominent forms of voluntary brainwashing?

Not all Muslims are terrorists. Obviously. If they were, we would all be dead right now – INCLUDING all Muslims, since they largely can’t agree with each other.

But it’s totally beside the point.

It’s like saying ‘not all North Koreans are evil dictators’. yeah, we know. But we also know that those North Koreans are trapped, brainwashed by the powers that reside over them, helpless. The only knowledge they get is the knowledge they’re told, the knowledge those almighty leaders want them to know.

In Islam, the exact same situation. Yet we condemn north Korea and for some absurd reason, do everything we can to revere Islam.

Every single terrorist attack that decapitates a dozen teenage girls, or injures 500 London commuters or the specks of beheadings and knifing and axing and van driving with a Muslim behind the wheel, weapon and action, with every one of them, it takes mere seconds for the solidarity movement to jump onto social media and say NOT ALL MUSLIMS!

Yeah. It’s not the Muslims that are the problem. It’s Islam.

Islam is one of the most successful brainwashing tools the earth has ever known. All religions are pretty efficient at this, but i’d say they are not voluntary.

You, as a Muslim, are trapped. You are victims of forced, lifelong brainwashing. From the day they are born, they are surrounded by adults who don’t want to teach them to think for themselves. They want to teach them to obey the ideals of a prophet of war, a vengeful God. A belief system that demands world dominance and the slaughter of all non-believers. How can you believe anything else when everything around you tells you otherwise? How can you escape when you are threatened with death for leaving?

For the vast majority of Muslims, there’s no way out.

So given how trapped they truly are, how can it possibly help those presumably millions living in fear of their leaders and Gods and prophets, but still blind to their faith from a lifetime of brainwashing, when those non-religious folk or Christians or general liberal minds across the west stand around with their fingers up their arses pretending Islam is a beautiful religion that people have simply distorted?


Islam, like every religion, is a serious problem. And I’m very aware that you, as a westerner (probably) are more likely to get crushed by your fridge than fall for a Jihadist bombing, or get gunned down by a latino or whatever, but again, beside the point.

Most of these statistics showing that Muslim terror attacks are the least likely threat to you are generally based in the US, where Muslims are barely 1% of the population, and terrorist attacks are typically rare on the whole. When you go global, Muslims are 6 times more likely to commit an act of terror compared to the rest of the population)

Here is about 25% of the Islamic Terror attacks that have occurred in the last 30 days. I couldn’t fit the whole thing in one image.

But I want to focus on the very core of the religion, not it’s distorted offshoots.

There are many, many overwhelmingly alarming problems inherent to the ideology as a whole that simply do not fit in our comparatively peaceful world. It may have been a useful tool during the era of empirical conquests and cultural revolutions, but saying it has a place in this world, in 2017 is just dangerous, voluntary brainwashing.

It promotes suppression of women, it often prohibits freedom of religion around the world and it resists democracy and freedom of speech at every turn with a brutal Sharia Law.

When you learn that a vast number, of nations with huge populations think stoning somebody for adultery is the way to go (89% in Pakistan, 81% in Egypt), and those who wish to leave the religion should be put to death (62% in Malaysia, 66% in Palestinian territory), can you call yourself a Feminist or a Liberal as you desperately try to protect them by reminding us that NOT ALL MUSLIMS are terrorists?

When you learn the Koran teaches global conquest, to dominate over all other religions, be it through death or simply out-breeding slowly over generations (as told by spatterings of current leaders of Islamic groups around the world), are you still going to sit there, twiddling your thumbs reciting ‘NOT ALL MUSLIMS’? or ‘Christianity used to be just as bad!’ or ‘Some Christians in Africa are brutal too!’

Think about it. Don’t brainwash yourself. Religious people, especially Muslims, need saving. They are trapped victims of the most powerful psychological tool mankind has ever created.

If you are a Muslim reading this from a moderate family in a moderate country who feels fine with what you’re doing and what your religion stands for around the world, well, I don’t know what to say, but you are lucky enough to be in a country where you can make that choice, whichever way you decide.

Let’s make Critical Thinking the new global superpower and do away with all this fantastical, menacing nonsense. Stop giving a hand to a religion that goes against literally everything we believe in.


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