WILTW – What I Learnt this Week



Pajama is an early 19th century word from Urdu and Persian, from pāy – ‘leg’ and jāma – ‘clothing.’

Fake snow is made of the same stuff used in Nappies and tampons due to its excellent liquid absorption capabilities

The smallest Christmas tree in the world is made up of 42 atoms


Fresh thyme combined with lemons or limes give meat very original aroma and taste… Also, I’m a terrible cook. @richman


Apple pie, in a sense, is very American in that none of its constituent parts were discovered or made in America.

Red-footed tortoises have their penises and vaginas in the end of their tails. The penis balloons out of the tip.


You have to carry guns in Svalbard whenever you go outside of town, due to the risk of hungry hungry polar bears

You can have surgery to remove the floaters in your eye which involves replacing the juice of your eye with salty liquid

King Leopold II of Belgium had 10 million Africans brutally killed in the Congo (an area 76 times that of Belgium), around half the population at the time. He died peacefully and is generally remembered as a great man.


Torture, whipping and mutilation of those above only stopped after independence in the 1970’s. People of the DRC are 12x more likely to die as babies, make 99.24% less money and live 23 years shorter than US citizens.



You can test the PH level of your garden soil with either a good eye for weeds, or vinegar & baking soda @gardengirlcanada

62% of philosophers are atheist

The Voynich Manuscript is the most mysterious book – and one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of today. The manuscript is written in an unknown, unheard language that nobody can translate, and dates back to around the early 1400’s

Bonus Saturday

There’s now a much more scientific method of describing your personality than Myers Briggs or… Astrol… I don’t even want to use that word. @sirwinchester