On Change

For anybody reading this who has no idea what a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) is, here’s a quick description and background. It’s basically any individual who serves in one of the western progressive social movements to ‘make the world a better place’. Not sure why I’m quoting that.

They fight against racism, sexism and all other kinds of discrimination in search for ultimate equality and fairness.

But they’re not very popular.

to most, it’s quite obvious that they’re not unpopular due to their ideas – it’s obvious that racism and other bigotry is still out there, thriving, but they are somewhat outcast people or otherwise minor issues that can and will be dealt with in time through the normal practices.

No, they’re unpopular because they take their ideas, forcefully push them onto society with angry, disrespectful, hypocritical methodology which only serves to make their ‘opponents’, as they now are, defensive, angry and spiteful. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to trolls and generations of battles between the two opponents.

Now, according to the internet, Most females believe in essentially the same goals as modern SJWs, but only a third of them want to associate with the term ‘feminist’. Feminism has been poisoned by the loud mouthed, angry, anti-men extremist minority of SJW-ism, and as such, many have suggested labelling oneself as ‘egalitarian’ or other related terms that essentially fight for the equal right of humans and sentient beings across the board.


Ok so that’s that. Almost all of us want equal rights and equal pay in the right context in the right circumstances right? People disagree when SJWs complain about female football players earning less than men, and rightly so. This is a classic example of finding Jesus in toast. finding sexism where there is none.

It’s pretty clear that women get paid less because female football is far, far less lucrative a sport as men’s football. Billions around the world watch men play football, and their paychecks reflect that, not the idea that men are better than women.

Now I acknowledge that it’s a little unfair that women playing sports is generally less popular than men, but again, I don’t see that as either sexism nor subtle, subconscious sexism. I see it as a reflection of past sexism, where men were the only ones allowed to compete in sports for many generations. Once fully established, women then finally won their rights, but it’s kind of hard to compete at that point. It’s like A new company claiming to be the new coca-cola, or a new animal being heralded as a cat replacement. It just doesn’t really work as well as you’d hoped.

I want to argue that most forms of sexism that SJWs push are not sexism at all, but simply our ape-like brains’ inability to comfortably accept change.

One feminist argued that on the popular YouTube channel, SciShow, they hired a female host and she was disliked across the board. This was obvious sexism since the men didn’t get such dislikes.

On the surface it might seem to be the case anyway, in the same way that on the surface, it looked like the moons of jupiter were dangling off the planet by a series of springs, bouncing around like the coiled metal wouldn’t let them go. Well, it turned out that there was actually something called gravity holding on to the moons, once we had a closer inspection.

Likewise, the female is so disliked simply because she isn’t very good at what she does, she has distracting characteristics and so forth. My evidence? Well, on their partner YouTube channel, SciShow Space, another woman serves as a host. She is enthusiastic, smiley, and overall keeps you interested. Nobody dislikes her videos.

When she came onto the main SciShow channel filling in for the boss, Hank Green, there were no dislikes on that video, either. I wonder…

Maybe people don’t actually have a problem with women on the channel. Maybe they dislike that the new host has low energy, her glasses are huge and reflect so much light you can’t actually see her eyes, her nose piercing (something I see in the comments. My internet is too slow to usually have good enough quality footage to even notice that, and wouldn’t bother me anyway), her scraggly clothing style. Perhaps they don’t like her slurring, dry voice.

I don’t like her as a host for some of these reasons. I DO like her in the game show she partook in, in which she was able to show off her knowledge and intelligence and overall introverted personality, something I relate to very closely. But as a host? No. In the same way, I would suck at a host and I’m very aware of that. That’s fine with me.

But more generally, there is more to this cacophony of misconceptions on sexism than that. It’s not just about feminists identifying sexism wherever they walk. It’s also our discomfort with women coming into focus in places we aren’t used to.

Another reason she was and is likely disliked is because she’s new. Her first few videos have more dislikes than likes. Over time, that disappeared and now they seem to get a range between 3-8% dislikes. Perhaps depending on what she’s wearing.

A lot of those may be people who aren’t used to her fashion sense, and cannot adjust to it, but the idea of a new host? Those haters disappeared after expressing their disapproval.

Likewise, when women earned the right to vote, when blacks earned… rights, when any progressive movement or indeed other significant change in society occurs, we get a huge backlash. There is ALWAYS going to be a group of people who disagree with whatever is going on, and they are always going to express that disagreement vehemently in the first few days/months/years, depending on the gravity of the movement in question.

This to me is a massive shame and a biological flaw on an otherwise… well, very flawed species we call homo sapiens. This SJW-related problem is not an SJW problem at all. It’s a global issue. Our inability to accept change is what leads to abusive fathers when their son’s grow up and surpass them at a younger age. It’s what leads to the suicide of homosexuals when their parents and friend’s can’t accept them for who they are.

It’s the reason why the Citizens of China idly float through their lives while their oppressive leader controls and watches everything they do like some kind of dystopian epic. It’s why Climate Change has gotten to this irredeemable point while everybody continues to burn coal, import goods, waste resources like it was the last day on earth. You can get more and more extreme and it still wouldn’t be hyperbole, because I really do feel like it is the cause of all modern day societies’ problems.

But is there a solution? I dunno, I’m just writing whatever crap comes out of my head. Go ask Bill Nye. All I know is, we all want change. That’s how Obama won the White House, by promising change. But the reality is, no one individual is willing to actually commit to it, and no individual is ready to accept it when it doesn’t fit smoothly into their world views.

Sexism isn’t everywhere, changeism is.