Nobody’s perfect, eh?

I pee with my left hand

I play pool left handed

I play guitar right handed

I alternate knives and forks left-right handed

I am almost perpetually suffering from an allergy to… dust/mites/dust mites/pollen/something along those lines

I have some benign issues with my heart, including Sinus Tachycardia and Heart Murmurs

I have such an awful memory that I have close to zero memory of most of my entire life

I have permanent tinnitus, probably due to an entire teenage life of full-volume headphones and heavy metal festivals. It’s not extreme, but in a quiet room, I’m stuck listening to a triad or so of high pitch tones, and can generally just about hear them if I choose to pay attention in general life environments.

I used to be the best swimmer in my school

I had surgery for an ingrown toenail on left big toe, and immediately hiked the Annapurna mountain trek for several weeks, limping in pain the whole way. I suffered pain from post-surgery on the toe for well over a year and has only just stopped, replaced by the right big toe becoming ingrown.

My left eye has astigmatism, and both eyes are getting worse at a rate that is quicker than should be normal, but I plan on getting laser surgery when I’m like, I dunno, 40.

Both eyes have more floaters in them than anyone else I know about or have heard of.

My eyes are green, but my left eye is also brown.

My toes are a little bent, some folding under the others – not in a particularly drastic way though.

My fingers are feeble, often crushed together under the weight of a regular handshake

My skin is very sensitive to temperature, seemingly getting scolded with water others might find a bit warm.

My legs, as I’ve just recently noticed, are slightly bowed. Good job parents for fixing that!

I get acne on the top of my head, even to this day.

I’m currently over 10kgs heavier than my previous heaviest weight and it’s going up and up and up

I still, at 27 years of age, cannot grow a beard past a few mm’s in length.

That’s about all I can think of.


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