What I learnt today – Bonus II

  • Teachers in Korea can earn over $8 million as online tutors
  • Exercise is way less efficient at losing weight than dieting
  • Tribesmen who would travel 3-7 miles a day lose about as much calories as those in a western lifestyle, due to diet.
  • Cold feet can actually be a sign of good health
  • Green tea is awesome
  • 6 slices of 16 inch pizza is apparently my entire advised calorie intake for a day. Hah.
  • There is a man who has lost all ability to feel emotions thanks to a tumour, which also made him incapable of making decisions as a result of no emotions, debunking the idea that Vulcans make great choices.
  • Taobao (China’s ebay/amazon) spent $161 million policing fake products last year
  • Cereal cannot objectively be defined; be it either a soup, a salad or other.
  • There are conspiracy theories in Chinese culture in the same way as the US (Though seemingly not so prolific), such as the idea that no more than 35 people are announced killed in any tragedy lest the government have to pay out more… or something.
  • The most successful gambling franchise (I forgot the name) uses a loyalty card which provides some free dollars at first, tracks and comprehends the patterns, preferences and limits of gamblers and then calls for staff to tap a leaving customer on the shoulder and provide a small reward (cash/concert tickets etc) for being loyal, removing the pain of their much bigger losses, bringing them back for more and more.
  • 8dio is amazing
  • So is green tea
  • I have a bad memory

And it’s only 5pm.


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