Things I learnt today VI – Bonus

I was very, very bored today and so I ended up on Wikipedia for various reasons. I figure the day deserves a learned post:

  • South Africa has 11 official languages, English only being fourth with under 10% of people speaking it.
  • Nigeria consists of 50% Muslims, 48% Christians and some animists
  • There are 2.18 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims, and at least 3.78 billion idiots.
  • Many African countries seem to divide their religious citizens with the Muslims in the north, Christians in the south, which is also true when you look at Africa as a whole.
  • Nigerian Capital of Lagos has over 5 million people and their official language is English. They often subscribe to a form of Pidgin English.
  • The Nigerian political system is based off the US system, although there are only a noted 2 election years that were considered at least moderately untouched by utter corruption and fraud by each and every party since the 50’s.
  • Nigerian climate, lovingly means that the entire year rarely deviates its temperature from 22-27C. Sounds perfect.
  • Kenya has 2 official Languages – Swahili and English, and English is expected in all official documentation
  • The word for phone in Chinese is Dian4 Hua4
  • My internet can torrent at 4mb/s on a good day. In China.
  • The Queen’s Speech originated from George V through the ‘wireless’ and it became so immediately popular that he simply had to repeat it every year until the end of his reign, at which point George VI (The King’s Speech guy for those who don’t know) would take over and become tradition.
  • The Queen will likely hold the record for the most Christmas speeches for a very long time, if not ever, having done more than the last two rulers combined, only having missed out on one occasion in the 60+ years.
  • Shanghai’s weather is heavily influenced by the nature of its urban sprawl as well as its location around the Yangtze river
  • Picasso often over-painted paintings to save on canvas resources
  • The word ‘deign’ means to do something you consider beneath you
  • 99%, if not all of British citizens with Anglican roots, and likely more than just those, are descended from King Edward III (1312-1377)



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