Things I learnt this week I

  •  My name is available as a website address
  • Internet in Shanghai is faster than in my home town of Blaby, Leicester, UK
  • You have to pay for your losses if an airline in China loses your luggage
  • The day of the winter solstice is not a signal for the sunrise to start earlier, nor the sunset to start later
  • Not many philosophers are religious
  • Sometimes it’s actually worth spending good money on good food
  • You can have surgery to remove the floaters in your eye which involves replacing the juice of your eye with salty liquid
  • A good pair of pajamas can seriously save on heating bills
  • Pajama is a really weird word
  • Pajama is an early 19th century word from Urdu and Persian, from pāy ‘leg’ and jāma ‘clothing.’
  • The word Pajama has been increasingly used since the 1900’s
  • Fake snow is made of the same stuff used in Nappies and period…nappy things, due to its excellent liquid absorption capabilities
  • The smallest Christmas tree in the world is made up of 42 atoms
  • The voice actors for Naruto and Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) in Japanese are both middle aged females, the latter being Korean-Japanese.

It’s come to my attention that almost all of this was today. My memory is too poor to look back a whole friggin’ week. Maybe I’ll make notes next time.


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