Things I learnt today Pt V

  • There are exactly 866 atheists in Egypt. According to Egypt.
  • 50,000 people have been killed in South Sudan in the last 12 months of fighting. Compare that to anything we’re hearing on the news and what the US/EU are paying attention to.
  • I know all the tones for numbers 1-10 in Chinese, without having learnt them
  • China’s wealth is spread more unequally than that of Europe, with some locations being equivalent to Switzerland, and others Uganda
  • In the movie Home Alone, the snow was in fact Potato
  • The word Degust means to carefully taste something to fully appreciate it
  • My Uncle Chris, who I haven’t spoken to since I was about 5 used to listen to Durutti Column, a 70’s band I’m only just getting into.
  • China is now the richest country, if taken in a particular statistical way
  • The USA is the largest producer of oil
  • You can walk on lava

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