Things I learnt today III

  • My sister supports Eugenics
  • More people than I thought lack the critical thinking skills to figure out just why people in poor countries don’t ‘just move’, stop breeding or simply boil their water
  • I’m a meager 14kyu – a pretty n00b level in the board game Go, compared to my golden age of about 11-12k back in the day
  • The temperature of the Orion space capsule was about twice that of Lava when entering Earth’s atmosphere
  • It takes thin-consistency snot about 1/4 the time to soak through tissue drilled into your nostrils when I have a cold compared to the thick, later-day snot
  • You can, as a foreigner at least, only send a maximum of $500 abroad per day
  • The theoretical ‘age of humans’ is unofficially called the Anthropocene age.
  • The first time humans numbered 1 billion was in 1804
  • Bali, Egypt, Paris, Venice and Los Angeles were among the voted most disappointing holiday places to visit around the world, mostly due to tourists traps, con men, rude people and dirty surroundings
  • There are some states in the US in which you cannot hold public office if you do not believe in God
  • Dogs can play pool
  • Thanks to the controversial Korean cloning scientist, you can clone your pet for $100,000, even though it won’t look like or behave like the original dog. People still actually pay the money to do it.
  • A general more complete understanding of how speakers produce sound
  • The CIA really did/do torture people like in the movies
  • The writers of the newspaper The Guardian are barely more able in written English than the average Facebook user, using ‘Your’ and ‘who’s’ incorrectly, writing ‘titbits’, which is objectively the worse version of ‘tidbits’ and other basic errors.

2 thoughts on “Things I learnt today III

    • When I search on Google ‘Titbit’, the response is ‘tidbit’. Likely due to as you said, Americanism. Even so, Titbit sounds awful so I’m not allowing it to be justified. I’ve edited appropriately though

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