Ideas I Have

This post won’t have many – about 3 that springs to mind right now – since I never made a mental note to remember each idea, but since it occurred to me that I almost perpetually come up with ideas and concepts in my head walking around or riding the subway, I figure I should write them down somewhere where I can check back and use them one day, or anyone can steal them if they feel it’s a good idea and I can see it come to fruition.

Usually these ideas are written but also musical ideas pop up from the way I walk, scanning sounds of gates and so forth. These are the ones I just happen to have remembered in the last 3 minutes:

  1. A series of stories/comics that are sequels to various famous fables.One example would be the ugly duckling turning beautiful, but the sequel comic strip would be that everyone was jealous and bitter about its beauty and ostracised it. Particularly the ostriches.

    Another example was with the help of two friends – Tyler and Navin – since this spawned from the basis of a silly conversation on cold weather; a sequel to the Emperor’s New Clothes, in which the angry, resentful king grew vengeful of the mockery of his nude state, and banned clothing. Over time, clothing becomes scarce and part of a black market system – a very lucrative business. Eventually, in a distant dystopian future (perhaps the illegal clothing law was passed down over generations, or this is a king of the future? Who cares for now) where all resources are scarce, a small battalion of scientists manage to clone me, somebody who wore the same unwashed trousers for 4 years which resulted in my DNA being imbued with cotton. As they continued to clone, they had a new, vast resource of cotton. Easy to domesticate, thousands of me’s are found in secretive fields where we are shaved frequently for our priceless commodity.

  2. A comedy scene I’m not even sure is funny, but at the exit gates of a subway station, someone could stand at one of the busy gates with their hand in a perpetual rummaging state of their pocket for as long as it takes until someone comes to see what the hell is going on, and then easily removes the card. This is because it happens to me in real life, except the person helping.
  3. I forgot the third one again, but the point of this post is that I will be doing this in later weeks to fully solidify the creative ideas I come across. I can’t portray the 2 or 3 musical ideas unless I actually create them so unless I actually post those, it will just be written ideas I guess.

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