Things I learnt today – 2

I could be out of work based on hearsay and speculation (Although probably pretty easy to find new work)

My mum has a white tree with black-wired lighting

There are still good arguments to keep the paid book trade over Ebooks (I myself want my own library of books i’ve read over my life)

The term ‘Kawaii’,  meaning cute, comes from the Chinese ‘Ke ai’

Kim Jong Un has been recalled as a household name in North Korea; there can only be ONE. Those with the same name must have it changed.

Technology has caused much evolution in education, but never has and likely never will cause a revolution.

Nintendo Wii remotes last over 60 hours per battery pair

It’s actually possible to make grammar fun for others (I often find it fun for some deranged reason)

One of my students is responsible for the design and creation of an entire ship, yet he will not get paid any more than his standard wage for the achievement, nor will he get any bonus, congratulations or his name on the side of the ship. That all goes to the company boss.

My newly arrived friend in China enjoys singing to himself

There is an aging man from Florida in Taizhou who absolutely loves the city after 8 years or so teaching there.

Many porn stars are earning 1/3 of what they used to only a few years ago (150k down to 50k)

The test flight for the Orion capsule which should send us to Mars in 15 years was successfully launched

Bats use sonar to jam signals of other bats, enabling them to steal food

Chimps don’t get any human rights in the US (although dolphins do in India? if I remember right)

The most powerful Typhoon ever to hit land was Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013.

If I spend 30RMB at a local restaurant I get a free Christmas window sticker set. Although I only ever spend up to 9RMB there so…

Several Chinese were arrested in Kenya for hacking and money laundering after one of their machines caught fire.

It costs about 850 pounds to get from China to UK around Christmas time.

You know, we really do learn a lot every day. I do, anyway.


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