Things I learnt today

My sister is pretty darn good at drawing stuff

Bollinger bands are trending indicators which can be used to measure volatility in a stock market, among other things.

Trading ten Forex combinations based on a single, sudden movement is a very bad idea, no matter how many confirmations you get from various charts.

Shanghai gets much colder than I was promised two years ago.

Turn Left, Turn right, Go straight in Chinese – Zuo3 zhuan3, you4 zhuan3, zhi2 zou4

Imagination in Chinese – Xiang3 Xiang4 Li4

I can use my commute to work to memorise up to 4 phrases permanently in Chinese

Cats only take 8 weeks to develop and birth kittens

I can use my so far unused fridge-sized box as a cat home/bed/litter area/toy

Sunflowers stalks and leaves stay alive much longer than you’d think after decapitating the head and not watering it for days on end.

Taizhou is a city of nothingness.

It’s colder in Shanghai than it is in Helsinki. It’s significantly colder than that in Seoul.

YouTube had a total view count limit of just over 2 billion until today, thanks to Psy

The horrifying Captcha technique of secure log-ins has finally started being replaced with a new improved system thanks to Google

I have an incredibly sexist and racist friend on Facebook

Indian couples in Hong Kong get three weddings

The current violence and uproar in regards to police in America is considered standard practice in China

Blue light mixed with yellow light and shadow creates oddly fluorescent yellow light.


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