Here are some of mine, informed or not:

Feminism as it stands and as it is known today is a repugnant, ghastly concept that has put a permanent stain on the idea of equality.

I fully support all forms of equality

All drugs should be legal and controlled

The drug war is stupid

‘war’ and ‘culture’ are words so overused (war on ___, ___ culture) that I cringe every time I hear them.

The internet should be free

Religion has slowed human progress substantially

Humans would have slowed themselves down regardless, but it just so happens that religion is the one to blame.

Morality does not come from worshiping a God. It is innate.

Evolution is, though incomplete, an indisputable fact.

Calling somebody a nigger or a paki is not racist if the intention behind the words are clearly non-abusive.

You are free to be offended by words like this, but I am free to disrespect your offendedness.

Race is an outdated concept, we are too globalised to be bothering with that nonsense anymore.

Islam is not a race.

Islam is the worst current religion, but I acknowledge, as implied above, that all religion is bad at the core.

America is probably nice but I can’t imagine tolerating their pious pride for more than a couple of days

English people are ugly, the ugliest in Europe on average – maybe poles are on par?

The north pole is cooler than the south (don’t forget areas of Canada and Russia, not just Greenland)

Russian is an amazing and fun language

Russia is less amazing and fun, probably.

Language learning is the most boring subject in existence, which is annoying given its usefulness.

I don’t like gay people that push their sexuality in my face, like it’s something to be proud of

I don’t like straight people who do that, either.

Pride is the most annoying deadly sin

Pride is the second coolest Homunculus

Horror is the worst movie genre

Women are, by and large, less passionate than men

Men are, by and large, more passi obsessive than women

We aren’t spending nearly enough on space exploration

I don’t care what or who is to blame for climate change, it needs to be sorted regardless so get over yourselves

School is obsolete and serves no necessary functions other than social development. Maybe schools can focus more on that than actual education.

Education, at the very least, needs a huge reform

Conspiracy theories aren’t fun nor interesting.

Neither are alternative sciences such as astrology.

I have way more opinions than that. I’ll probably do a part II.


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