Thought of the day

So I put on an early Christmas playlist on my newly updated, Android 5 phone (Had to wipe the entire thing to get it but hey, at least I’m a week ahead of most people who don’t care!) and the first piece that came on was ‘When a Child is Born’ which, as you can guess from the title alone if you don’t know the song, is about Jesus.

Specifically, the resurrection of. The singer claims such bold statements such as tears being turned to laughter, hate being turned to love, neighbours loving one another all over the world and peace for everyone will ensue.

Forgive me for being a skeptic but I think he was right when he goes on to say ‘It’s all a dream and illusion now’. However, his blind faith pushes him to say ‘It must come true, sometime soon, somehow’.

It got me thinking. What if Jesus WAS reborn to transform the world. Would it be possible? Well, given his majestic miraculous magical abilities, I’d say so. But does that make it right?

In order to achieve what is claimed in the song and I’m sure by many a hopeful Christian, you would have to basically brainwash a large portion of the population, and control them. I mean, not everyone is going to be so chuffed if Jesus came about. If you think everyone is going to drop their hats and start praising, correcting their religious ideologies and so forth, you are pretty blind to what’s actually going on in the world and what people actually believe out there.

So needless to say there would be a lot of brain washing and mind control. This, if you hadn’t noticed already, directly contradicts the idea that God gave us Free Will. If he was to give us free will, only to take it away again when Jesus comes back, what exactly was the point?

The very idea goes against everything we stand for as human beings. So, failing the global mind control, forcing the world to be happy and overjoyed at the prospect of worshiping the tyrannical.. uh, I mean, compassionate Lord, I can’t see another way to achieve the Christmas Classic’s goal, miracle or not.

Just sayin’.


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