Ode to Friends

Well, about 17 seconds ago I made a post about my financial woes and the eternal spiral of poverty life seemed to create for me. I had a little chat here and there and suddenly the day has been transformed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty poor and in MASSIVE debt across three continents, but I suddenly feel it’s manageable. All I needed to do was ask. I know this, I already practiced it enough to get into so much debt in the first place, but I didn’t know I could just keep doing it all over the place without a single question asked.

My long term internet friend, Tyler, who I have never actually met or even been in the same continent at any given time (maybe I was in Europe for about a week simultaneously) came to my rescue just now, no questions aside from specific details of the saviour.

My friend in Vietnam offered to pay me for the Keyboard I had sold there, which to be fair is my money, but she may need the money as much as me but has unquestionably offered to send it my way.

James, knowing I was bust a few days ago went on a spending spree in M&S and asked if I wanted a jar of Curry imported from UK, I said definitely, and he brought me 8 jars.

My mum just constantly offers to sort me out even if it goes into her own funds, my dad offers the same. My sister, who is consistently as poor as my current lifestyle even offers – stupidly – to send a tenner my way if I need. Nathan hasn’t asked any questions to the money I owe for renting his apartment months ago, the list goes on and on.

It’s a wonderful tragedy that I have to put these people through it but to them, it’s nothing. They know they’ll get it all back. Nobody is suspicious of me.

Is it karma? I don’t believe karma as a spiritual aspect of the universe, but as an attitude and as a social tool, I believe there is a certain superconscious system that creates at least a localised balance in life.

My advise to anyone out there in the same situation or likely to fall into it, those friends who don’t talk to you for months at a time? Don’t dismiss them. The ones who are always around you? Don’t take them for granted.

I’ve never before asked for this much – or any – help, and I never thought I would, but when I did, it’s just there for me. And they will undoubtedly get the same in return.

The balance of the universe is restored. I can eat, I can enjoy the national holiday, I can survive, I can pay my debts, I can restore myself.

All thanks to friends.

Anyway, It’s very unlike me to be personal about stuff, I just felt that rather than say thanks and then move on, I’d immortalise my gratitude online so when I kill myself or get run over or become a billionaire, people can always revert back to this/these posts to see what an awesome person I used to be before I changed into a depressed/evil/clumsy tw*t.

Cheers, guys.


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