Scientists are saving mankind behind your back, pay attention.

Business finds new ways to save water for the future

This article makes me think about Solar Roadways and all the other bullsh*t ideas that come about online, always claiming nobody has ever thought of this or that particular problem, let alone the solution; governments and corporations are hiding the truth in order to save money, meanwhile destroying the environment and so on.


The reality is, they ARE doing much more than you know. Much more than you. It’s actually beneficial for them to do so, not least by giving them a positive image. But how many of these processes have you actually heard about? It only tends to be the stupid ideas by Kickstarters and individual fools that get all the attention, but in the mean time the behind the scenes workaholics and passionate intellects are slogging away to make your life better without you even acknowledging it.

It’s a real shame, the lengths businesses, scientists and real world-savers go to to save us from ourselves without an inkling of attention from the main media. It’s a bigger shame that the success goes to those who blurt out mindless opinions and conspiracies, backed up by an endless stream of false confirmation bias structured around false dichotomies.

As the article points out, there are so many different ways water is being saved – a commodity that a third of the world cannot afford to take for granted (a stat that claims to rise to 50% by 2030).

  • Water-less dyes for colouring material
  • Advanced water treatment technology
  • Precise, personal and cheap drip-irrigation technology for farming individuals
  • Weather prediction systems
  • Converting waste-water into animal food

It’s all happening, and you had no idea.

Next thing, somebody comes up with a novel solution which has long been dismissed as impractical, and they make a cute video with some uplifting acoustic pop rock overlaying it, and suddenly the world complains that the world isn’t doing enough compared to this innovative genius, and whoops, there goes $2,000,000 dollars on nothing. Again.

The least people can do is bookmark a website such as snopes or subscribe to a skeptic and hear their point of view before donating a thousand dollars on what seems magically capable of saving the universe.

As everyone in the informed community chants; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I’ve no more to say on the matter, really.


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