People often relate mood to colour. Others relate numbers to colour. Some simply reminisce over certain environments or CD album covers (purple is Metallica, blue is Debussy, black is Radiohead etc)

So what personality would each colour have? Well, this is how I feel:

Light Green – Irritating, slimy personality, likely to talk about you behind your back, manipulate you if its smart enough. 

Dark Green – Old, traditional kinda colour, stubborn but overall kind at heart.

Red – The intellect with a bite. 

Blue – The other type of intellect.

Sky blue – Lazy but successful regardless. No enthusiasm.

Purple – Glamorous with attitude, not above faking mood swings to get its own way. Never admits fault.

Pink – Extroverted, annoying and noisy.

Orange – Innocent, introverted. Easy to be friends with.

Yellow – A little TOO easy to be friends with.

Brown – The redneck of colours.

Black – Grumpy but an attention seeker all the same

White – Pretty much the same as black but with a bite more of a positive outlook

Grey – Kinda like dark green, but more cautious about its weight


Agree? Disagree?


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