Before I start I’d like to make sure people know that I’ not by any means disrespecting the career choice of a hairdresser. I’m just saying, people who choose to be a hairdresser are a bit… different. 

There is a stereotype that to be a hairdresser you have to be female or gay, but that doesn’t explain the difference I’m referring to.

When I go, I hate it. I wait 6 months a time if possible and let my hair grow to the point that its not only unacceptable to society, but annoying as hell to me. I don’t usually hate it because of the result, per se. I hate it because I inherently dislike the change from what I’ve become used to, and I hate the conversation that inevitable goes with the cutting process. 

I know they’re trying to make the environment warmer and friendlier but like mahy others, it simply makes things worse for me. Just ask David Mitchell (or view his funny podcast about it).

But who, as a child, dreams to be a hairdresser? Who even grows up to suddenly feel like they want to get behind a pair of scissors and some dead brown cells on somebody’s skull? 

I acknowledge that hair feels amazing, and it’s mysteriously appealing to play around with and for many people to style and dye and create an image for themselves, and impressive, decent, stylish hair is vital for confidence and attraction. I get it that people like to mess around with hair.

images-35But to go through rigorous training, under pressure of the person watching the whole time in the mirror, to have their lives in your hands only to get yelled at for doing an awful job or just a quick thanks for doing the right job, it just seems odd. But not wrong. Just because I don’t see the wonder in it doesn’t mean there is no wonder. 

Hairdressers seem on average quite cheerful people. Once you get into the pattern of not screwing it up for people I guess its totally stress free and reliable as a source of income. i just think you really, REALLY must like hair beyond what is normal in order to dedicate your life, or at least the next 5-10 years to cutting hair 8 hours a day. 

Personally I find it a harrowing idea to put myself through such inane small talk over and over again day in, day out, too, but maybe that doesn’t bother as many people as I think. 

Anyway, I’m not saying this is the weirdest and most unusual choice of jobs, it’s just one I happen to be thinking about because I just got myself the worst haircut since the time they made it look like I had two skulls fused together underneath somewhere, several years back. 




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