New music capabilities.

Well, I went out and suddenly decided to buy a MIDI controller (a keyboard) for my music, so now I have a $200 Alesis to play with. This makes it much easier to put music into my software but more importantly, less frustrating, less boring and more open to creativity than using a drag and drop, click and drag system with a fricking laptop touchpad which I’ve had to deal with since I left Korea a long time ago.

Anyway, here is a sample track I made when trying it out with my new software. One might notice it has a lot of little nuanced subtleties compared to previous, mouse clicking tracks, and, although it really is just simple – two chords repeating – I think it genuinely sounds like something you might find in a Hollywood movie, say, something Hans Zimmer sold to a director after going to the bathroom and accidentally writing it out on the back of a magazine.

A good start, right?


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