New music capabilities.

Well, I went out and suddenly decided to buy a MIDI controller (a keyboard) for my music, so now I have a $200 Alesis to play with. This makes it much easier to put music into my software but more importantly, less frustrating, less boring and more open to creativity than using a drag and drop, click and drag system with a fricking laptop touchpad which I’ve had to deal with since I left Korea a long time ago.

Anyway, here is a sample track I made when trying it out with my new software. One might notice it has a lot of little nuanced subtleties compared to previous, mouse clicking tracks, and, although it really is just simple – two chords repeating – I think it genuinely sounds like something you might find in a Hollywood movie, say, something Hans Zimmer sold to a director after going to the bathroom and accidentally writing it out on the back of a magazine.

A good start, right?


New Music VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology)

I’ve recently acquired a bunch of new software for my music creation. The best thing about it is that it has inspired me to rekindle with music to the times back at University when I was prolific. I’m pretty kindled with my composition and production at all times but this is something more. I have to get myself brushed up on the ol’ theory and aural training which have both gone significantly rusty. 

I’ve downloaded apps and such to get my training back on track. Shouldn’t take too long.

Anyway, I decided to test out the new software; some brass instruments (Cinebrass), a lot of string instruments (LASS, Session Strings, Sultan Strings) and some miscellaneous (various Chinese, African, Indian ethnic instruments), some of which were actually free to download. 


These are going to significantly advance the quality of my sound when making more TV/Movie soundtracks in future jobs.

Well whatever, nobody cares about the obvious, here’s a quick pair of samples I’ve decided to make with the new gear.
None of it is mixed and they’re barely 2 minutes long between the both of them, but I think they show a huge potential that I’m going to extort harshly in the coming weeks.



Things I’m not too keen on:

  • I’ve still yet to come across solo string instruments that sound truly convincing, and…
  • the string software in question works in a programme called ‘Kontakt’ which is not too good for customisation; you can’t fiddle around to get as close to perfection as possible.
  • I’m still lacking a half decent – or any actually – woodwind VST. There are woodwinds in a collective ensemble programme called ‘Symphobia’ but this is a blend of all woodwinds as an orchestral section, without the option to solo. This is very frustrating because they do not blend the transitions through the pitch space well at all, leaving a really obvious timbre alteration when scaling through the register.
  • The Asian instruments I’ve acquired are… not so lovely sounding. They will also need a lot of twiddling. The best one I have is – contrary to the previous point – is an ethnic flute in Symphobia in its ‘other’ section. This is indeed a solo instrument, but it only provides given phrases, rather than being able to write your own lines.

The only other qualm I have is the sheer inability to purchase a MIDI keyboard in this forsaken nation, Vietnam. My plan is to get my friend in Korea, who owes me $100, to purchase a cheap, not-full-sized one using that cash, give it to ANOTHER friend in Korea who is coming to my city on vacation, and then pass it on to me. A collaboration that I hope will succeed. 

Since – evidently based on responses on facebook and generally the responses whenever I do anything like this – nobody actually gives a damn about this stuff, I will inform y’all that I will be writing another short story after this post. I’m already halfway through and it involves a lonely bottle. 

SHIT HELL DOOM FIRE HITLER FUCK. See? Nobody is reading this.