Music drafting

Last night, I woke up and spent a few minutes writing some lyrics out. I didn’t wake up particularly inspired or anything, it was just some idea and it would make me tired enough to drop off again.

I looked at them today and just before I went to bed (as in, after I write this), I created a 3 minute song out of it.

What I sometimes do is I make a very brief draft of a song that I can, if re-discovering it, re-make in a proper way later on. Right now I don’t have a microphone, so I just used my laptop built-in microphone, no tuning, mixing, fixing, so it’s just my awful voice jotting the idea down, basically.

Beneath the vocals there is a guitar doing a pre-set picking pattern that I just altered the chords and then copied and pasted, and the bass guitar just drew in simple one-note support.

This is the raw bones of a musical thought –

The lyrics actually have another verse, I just couldn’t be arsed to put it in, there wasn’t enough development to keep it interesting for that long, but the lyrics extended are below:

On my way to the river
I see mountains, my soul mates

When the mountains meet the sky
When the sky meets the river
When the river meets the tributaries flowing to my heart
I’m home, I’m home

On my way back from the river
I see forest, my trusted friend

When life meets time
When yours meets mine
When the bells of the church resonate through our hearts
We’re home, we’re home

We are all trying to make sense of this fractured puzzle
                                                    (But we know we can’t without cheating)

And then it’s too late, it’s too late to get it right.
                          (And we know we can’t without finding an easier way)

On the way to the place where I belong
I see myself, my best friend

When I meet mine
And the sky feels aligned
and the aura of the stars settle in the central part
I’m home, I’m home

On the way from anywhere else
I see you, my future

When altruism meets truth
When truth meets life
When life meets a reflection in the river to your heart
You’re home, you’re home

We are all trying to make sense of this fractured puzzle
But we know we can’t without waiting
And we know we can do it by looking at ourselves
And then   it’s fate, it’s fate, it’s fate


As you can tell, lyrics were never my strong point.
And no, I don’t really know what it means, your guess is as accurate as mine. Something about home, maybe.


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