Movie soundtrack – finished.

I’ve done a couple now (officially 2, by this Tuesday, I reckon).

In this music category there is a little playlist thing I can upload my music on to for all to listen to.

The first one here is a 3-4 minute overture of my second movie tracks, so you can get an idea what it’s gonna be like. The tracks blended in are entirely unmixed… I wouldn’t want to upload pro stuff publicly. I also can’t upload any of the film, since it’s not my film to show.

But it’s a Chinese dark comedy action film of sorts based in Shanghai with loads of awesome fight scenes and some cool time lapse shots etc. Much more fun to write music to than the first, Germany film, which consisted of three people sitting in a room and talking about cheating on each other for 1.5 hours.

Anyway, This is what has been draining my spare time away for the last couple of months. Just scroll down the page a bit, it’s on the right.


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