Power cuts.

last week there was a power cut here in Ho Chi Minh City. A city. wide. powercut. Heck, I’m actually being kind with that statement; ‘…also affected all southeastern region and some southwestern provinces’. This equates to a third of vietnam’s entire energy output.

What on earth happened? War??? Not again! Maybe an asteroid, or a nuclear meltdown?? I’m too young to get radioactive poisoning!

So what actually happened?

A truck hit a power line whilst planting a tree. The driver was mildly shocked when leaving the vehicle, as if brushing lightly against an electric fence in the countryside.

If anyone knows anything at all about Vietnam, it’s the traffic – I even wrote a book specifically on the traffic, it’s that significant. Now if one imagines Vietnamese traffic without power… You have, well, probably an improvement actually. Realising the lights aren’t doing anything they might actually try to be more careful, rather than their usual deliberate and spiteful disregard for them.



Court cases were cancelled, schools finished early, air conditioners ceased their cooling aid; businesses lost money, hospital patients were put at risk, chaos ensued.

What a fragile world we live in.

Anyway, I was indifferent at first. I had my laptop with battery, it’ll be on soon – thinking it was just my workplace. Well an hour or so later seemed to prove me wrong.

The first evidence of power returning in the city was after about 2 hours.

My laptop eventually ran out of power and, I don’t know, maybe I just forgot about my phone, I don’t use it much at all in general. But what happened after that was interesting.

We finished early, and on my way out I stopped to talk to some work colleagues, who were about to go upstairs, but none of us made it for a good 15 minutes. When gathering my things to leave, I saw the same colleagues, staring off a balcony to the grass in the centre court. I stopped to talk again about – naturally – zombie apocalypses.

This is the first time any of us have ever done this. Not only that, but by the time I forced myself out of the conversation between what was now three of us, it was 4:15pm. We were sent home at 2pm.


Today, My own home’s power had cut due to the bills not being paid. This wasn’t because I’m poor, or because I was too lazy to pay the bills, but because I didn’t know how to pay the bills and I was too lazy to ask.

So what did I do? I laid on my bed in a world of my own thoughts, listening to the wind and the birds in some kind of phantasmagorical realm, until suddenly it was 6:30pm, 7pm.

By then, I rummaged around idly and happened to come across a bunch of candles and had myself a cold shower, which was awesome in a country with an average temperature of about 34C.

Being with myself in that way hasn’t happened for a very, very long time. The last time I even came close to it was when I re-visited korea for 6 weeks or so awaiting an ingrowing toe to recover from surgery so I could climb the himalayas. Here, I had power but I went out into the beautiful Olympic park while everyone else was working or whatever it is people do during the day (I always worked in the evenings there).

I spent a good while watching a film crew record various scenes, some kind of martial art dancing and whatnot. But I still used my phone to keep me up to date with nothing important whatsoever.

I know it’s leading to that preachy hipster nonsense about becoming one with nature, so I’ll quit that while I’m ahead. I’m just saying, it’s really nice. Now I’m using internet in a cafe, but at least I enjoyed a few hours revisiting my childhood, where I would lie on my back in the garden and stare into the sky to the point that my dad would worry I had some kind of mental problem.

What is my point? you probably don’t ask me.

Well, two things. We are getting busier. We are getting dumber.

Recently I came across a few studies and a few conjectures suggesting that out IQ (I’m just going to say intelligence, I disregard IQ as an indicator mostly) is dropping, compared to a time long past, say, 100 years ago.

Sure, we know more right now, in the age of information. But that information is handed to us on a platter. The smartphone is essentially an extension of our brain. We don’t need the primary brain because we can store the majority of what we’ll probably find interesting in the extension at the end of our arm.


So we know more, but are our minds weaker? I’l leave that idea unanswered since I’m hardly qualified to answer it but I’m going to concur, based on the people I have met.




It looked like this one, in Vietnam

It looked like this one, in Vietnam

I never had a plan to write anything personal to me here, but this is an exception, as I’m sure there will turn out to be an increasing amount of due to the habitual self-centred nature of humans, but whatever.

Today I did something I can probably never forgive myself about, and something that will flash in my eyes from time to time for the rest of my life.

I’m an animal lover, a nature lover. Not the kind of ‘aww look at that cute puppy!’ kind of animal lover who then goes on to say ‘eww get rid of that horrible spider’ and ‘kill those annoying ants’ and then ‘what a sweet funny kitten!’. I’m the kind of animal love that actually likes animals and nature, not things that are generally fluffy and cute, which, in the majority of cases, have been genetically modified to be that way so they get sold for money to those who have it and don’t need it.

I am fascinated by all nature and life, all the horrible viruses and bugs, all the majestic tigers and, well I’m also not a hippy about it. I eat meat, because it doesn’t look like animals and it tastes good. I don’t eat seafood because it looks like animals and tastes bad. Except tuna for some reason. It doesn’t have that piss-in-the-ocean smell, which i find pleasantly mysterious.

If I see an ant, I watch it and I am interested by it. Just today one of my desk ants was carrying a crumb I left behind earlier in the day down my headphone cable, on its way to the underside of the desk. Fine.
If an ant is under my foot when I happen to be lowering my foot in order to walk or not float away, I will react quickly and shift my whole weight to the side to avoid the chance that a non-indented part of my shoe might crush it.

The same goes for any animal and – aside from inadvertently inhaling animals to death like mites, and just generally unavoidable consequences of insects, and a very few mosquitoes followed by some guilt – I can safely say I haven’t killed anything, ever. Certainly no birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians.

Today that changed.

Tennis at night, 8-10pm,

Tennis at night, 8-10pm,


I was back at tennis after a month or so hiatus due to my heavy double-job schedule with this movie soundtrack taking up my spare time, and I was about to dive into a big fat serve, threw the ball up in the air, prepared to strike.
Suddenly, as my full swing was already in motion, like a bat out of hell, a bat swooped in and latched onto the ball.
It was far too late, I had already hit it before I even knew what I hit.

The bat landed, stunned. possibly organs destroyed but, from the outside nothing immediate seemed broken. It looked more stunned than anything else. It reacted with a squeal when my Korean partner – my current opponent – touched it, and so he carefully lifted it and took it to a Vietnamese guy working at the courts, asking what to do with it. I watched in the distance as he handed it over to the Vietnamese man.

Now, there were many Nails in the coffin of my opinion towards Vietnam, mainly the crocodile spit roasts, colourfully dyed crocodile leather, useless bureaucracy, ridiculous and unreliable opening and closing times, traffic, and, well, I won’t describe every nail but it’s more like a graveyard at this point.

But the final nail in the coffin going into the last space in the ground was when that Vietnamese man nonchalantly dropped the bat, stomped on it to get out a little squeak of defeat, and swept it off into the grass. That was because of me. I was not directly responsible for its death, but i was directly responsible for it being dead.

Hell, maybe I killed an animal as a kid due to not feeding it or dropping it or something – I have no memories of it, except a spider which I won’t go into the details of but it literally haunts my dreams to this day, a decade or so later – and so this is…


Aliens; what of them?

Have you ever noticed how rain sounds like a load of dogs running by? You have to imagine thousands of them, mind you. And they’re running through a giant crop field. And it happens to be raining.

There’s a definite similarity.

Anyway, Another thought on a Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote, which I will paraphrase: If you think about humans, and you think about chimps, there is a chasm of difference between us, in particular in terms of intelligence. We have a sophisticated language, we can learn throughout our lives, we can build, innovate, invent, improvise to an extent that puts chimps to shame. We look at them doing ‘clever’ things like poking  a stick into a tree in order to catch ants. Brilliant! It only took the chimp several years to learn. If he started learning it after about the age of 4, however, it would have been futile.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, they say, and this is literally the case for chimps and most other creatures except the human, who is capable of learning new skills until death, albeit with a declining rate of progress. So we look at them, and we see little children. ‘Aw, that’s adorable, the chimp actually used sign language to say I love you, after years of intense enclosed training! It’s just like my 2 year old daughter =)’ Well, how patronising, right? Where does the difference between us lie?

That 2% did more harm than good.

That 2% did more harm than good.

Well, it entirely lies in a 2% difference in our DNA. That 2% is entirely responsible for chimps being chimps and humans being humans. Space stations, submarines, GPS, Quantum Mechanics, Lasers; all created out of 2% DNA. Seriously, that’s it. Remove it and we’ll be chimp-like creatures again.

What Neil concludes is that, assuming there is other intelligent life in the Universe, who is to say they would have equal DNA to us? What if they are superior. Moreover, what if they are a further 2% superior? They would look at us in the same way we look at chimps: Aww look at these humans, they’re creating mathematical equations! This smart one in a wheelchair even has a rough understanding of black holes, just like my 2 year old daughter =)’ ‘They made a space station that looks almost exactly like my son’s school project!’ That’s the kind of alien we could be dealing with.

Just like the first 2% difference, we will not be able to understand them, in any shape or form. Their way of communication is likely to be so vastly bizarre and advanced that we as comparative chimps would have absolutely no concept of what they are doing, just like the real chimps walk around staring blankly at us, unable to grasp the sounds coming from our mouths. What if, for example, these aliens simply use combinations of light emitted from their foreheads (located on their chest)? If we assume they don’t have any radical tools such as bio-luminescence, how about communicating via a complex process of breath sounds? Each wave of breath is so intricately indented with patterns shaped by their trachea, vocal cords, tongue and mouth that the position of every molecule in the air is equivalent to a word in their vocabulary. A single breath could summarise our own entire understanding of the Universe so far. They could conclude the human race’s level of intelligence with a mere snort from a blocked nose.

Then again, so could I.

Of course, the drawback here would be wind, but in their galaxy I would imagine they would have a symbiotic agreement with nature, in that, providing nature keeps wind consistent and controllable, or permits them to control it, they won’t destroy it. This only makes sense if they implanted sentience into the wind, which again, given the 2% difference, is entirely likely. To communicate on earth they would have to use different methods, at which point they would collectively agree on an entirely new language within a few seconds. Perhaps they will adopt our languages, by listening to a few sentences, getting the general idea and figuring out the rest via common sense and probability in which sounds and words are likely to mean which gesture and object, with a 97% accuracy rate.

Perhaps instead, they were stuck at the bottom of their oceans.

Perhaps instead, they were stuck at the bottom of their oceans.

People often ask ‘why would aliens so capable of travelling such distances even be remotely interested in a planet such as ours?’ Well, why are we interested in a species such as chimps? They are out and about in space because they are either innately curious like us, or very lost, and I can’t imagine an alien so capable to be so useless at navigation at the same time.

Actually I can imagine that.

Trying to find comfort in our sewage system.

Trying to find comfort in our sewage system.

It would be some kind of supremely curious subterranean creature who never, or could never push through the surface. Perhaps in one huge leap, such as our industrial revolution, they designed a sort of space ship powerful enough to protrude the crust of their planet. Given that they had never been in the open atmosphere, they just considered outer space and the surface of the earth to be one of the same, so their ship was capable of whatever the Universe could possibly throw at them.

Upon piercing the crust, they continued onward into space, assuming it was just more of their own planet, continuing for a few weeks before realizing that, whatever they used to live in wasn’t there anymore when they looked back from whence they came.

They attempted to back up and return but navigation wasn’t as simple as following a tunnel you just made. There was no tunnel. The invisible track they formed was affected by the gravitational pull of other planets they passed closely by, but not close enough to see them, until they became utterly lost and ended up on Earth.

Perhaps other launches moments after the initial one succeeded ended up in various other places of the cosmos. This would mean there is a high possibility that they inadvertently colonized much of the galaxy, and so when it comes to a time when we can explore such locations, we will be amazed and blown away by our first intelligent life discovery, confused at the second, then expectant, then hopeful and finally bored.

The entire galaxy has been taken over by utterly lost and probably blind aliens who have no idea what to do without a tunnel system at hand and a sentient wind to manipulate.

Hmm, I’ve kind of lost interest in the idea of exploring the Universe now.

Possible launch site.

Possible launch site.

The inconvenience of feces.

One of the biggest inconveniences in my life – And I live in Vietnam so this must be a serious inconvenience – involves my bowel system. I think, really, it’s more directly my psyche. My brain is my biggest inconvenience.

My inconvenience isn’t anything diagnosable or official, I don’t have IBS or an intolerance for lactose or any other edible substance (or even most inedible substances), but it’s there nonetheless.

It’s not there often, however. In fact, its occurrence is few and far between. But I think that’s what makes it so inconvenient. I don’t expect it, I don’t plan for it and like acne on a smooth face, it really shows. My face spent most of its adolescence evenly raked with acne to the point that its uniformity blended in to my overall persona, and nobody noticed or gave it a second’s thought.

So I never had the problem you smooth-faced humans which lost you up to several thousands of your currency over the years on cosmetics trying desperately to hide it and prevent it from happening again, even though we all secretly know the cosmetics are completely ineffective and it’s simply your own body healing itself in the time it takes the acne to go away.

Make-up is a more effectual technique males are increasingly brave to use, but with the money you all spent on that, I could save and buy a pizza every month, thus perpetuating my uniformly unnoticeable, blazing red facial attire.

Thankfully this crisis in my life has all but vanished, minus a few that pop up here and there, but after growing up hating myself for so long, I tend to give up giving a damn about what people think of my spots, or my weight, my clothes, my attitude or me being alive.

The rare bowel crisis hasn’t gone away, and never will, I’d bet. Let me explain.

The closer I get to a bathroom, or the more aware I become that I am approaching one, the more desperate I am to release that which is waiting within me. If the toilet is public, and closed, it quite easily holds off for an indefinite period. But if I approach and a bathroom is merely busy, that person could finish at any moment, so my brain doesn’t allow my body to revert to safety mode. I’ve tested this and I’ve tried to make myself believe genuinely that a toilet is miles away even though I’m just 2 locked doors away. Doesn’t work. My subconscious is far more powerful. I remember when waiting as a teenager, I’d lie down and hope gravity worked its wonders. It didn’t.

Why not? That trick works with a blocked nose, albeit slowly. Stand on your head, or lie in bed in a way that your head is upside down, gravity will clear your nose reliably, providing you’re willing to be there a frustratingly long time, and possibly pass out, fall over and get a blocked nose again for when you wake up. But the theory works in practice. It never did for my bowels. At best, it went away in intervals of 20 seconds and came back in stronger waves of desperation, almost as if it was backing up to take a run up.

Why is that? Why do I have to suffer so much when my body is quite clearly capable of avoiding it?

That’s all I actually have to say on the matter

You underestimate the ant. That is a mistake.


Ants don’t discriminate when it comes to diversity.

I have a small family of ants on my desk at work. Usually it’s just the one ant roaming around, checking out my books and seeing if I happened to have spilt any sugary goods on them. This scout sometimes distracts me, and often I have to sit in certain ways to make sure my elbows don’t get in his way, other times I have to move various cables as to not be guilty of a deadly but inadvertent swooping of the little guy down to the abyssal floor below. Who knows what dangers lie down there?

Well, today, my ant appears to have a social life. The problem with social groups is the power of the collective hive mind, which equals much more than the sum of its parts. This is why we get ridiculously pointless riots in some countries, one in particular just off the coast of Europe.

Four ants are currently nonchalantly roaming around my laptop screen and keys looking for various particles of stuff to provide them with a sugar drink. I have to keep halting my typing and wait for them to finish with the E button before I can move on. I learnt that I could blow on them softly and it would scare them a bit and they would move away for a few seconds (I’m human and smart, so I can ‘learn’. Smart things learn). But that group mindset of theirs always brings them back.

What was interesting was when an ant found some kind of dried patch of sugary water that must have splashed onto my laptop just above the keys at some point. The ant just sat there nibbling into it, and remains there to this moment. At first I gave it a couple of blows to move him away, and he would run away once or twice. But the proximity in which he ran decreased per blow. After the fifth blow, he just decided to buckle down and grip the surface harder and continue nibbling.

One of his friends happened to pass by, took a few curious glances and eventually came to take his share. I gave them both a powerful shot of wind, because quite frankly they were taking advantage of my glucosian generosity.

What happened struck me as interesting. The second ant ran away, I saw his tiny legs beating as fast as they possibly could. The first ant – my ant – continued to sit there. He had officially *learned* that I was not a threat. Before long, all three of his ant friends were in a circle enjoying the sugar patch, and I was powerless to stop it.

Do you see what I mean? The combined mind of many is why I just lost a battle to four ants.

This combo attack is also why ants are so incredibly successful on this planet as a whole. Some have estimated that for every human, there are 100 million ants. If you consider this and the fact that ants use their bodies to construct bridges and floating devices for their queen to travel down river, it’s not unreasonable to picture the day they get together and form a little over 7 billion super ants. 100 million ants create a greater overall mass than a human, I think. Forgive me for not showing my working.*

The problem here, unfortunately, is that we have weapons. They have mandibles. Mandibles are useless compared to nukes and chemical weapons. So it would be much wiser for this super ant revolution to, well, not be a revolution at all. At least not a conspicuous one.

It would be far more effective if these ants took the form of humans. 100 million to a human. One Queen in the centre of each body, calling the shots. The ones left over can be hired for intelligence or more scouts. Singular ant scouts will find it much easier to get through security than 100 million ants together with a hat and trench coat.

As humans they could cause far greater damage, whilst not getting hurt. Keep your enemies close, afterall. Billions of ants, distributed globally in all the major cities, tiny hamlets and desert towns. Chemical weapons and Nukes would have no effect here, and using guns would just spread the ants out into a shapeless mound, only to reconvene moments later. Grenades will do the trick but again, at what cost in the centre of New York and Tokyo?

This war-like scenario shouldn’t even take place for a good while anyway. The aim of the game is to go about the world unnoticed, blending in with the human demons, gather Intel.

To be honest, it would be an auto-destructing process; just having another 7 billion humans would completely crash the global economy, the food resources, the ecological and biological state of the world and of course the climate. At the same time, the places where the ants used to be would now be devoid of them; the food chain is destroyed.

So all they have to do in order to completely ruin the human race is to not get caught. Well, ants aren’t stupid. You may know that there is in fact already a super ant colony, which dominates most of the entire planet, thanks to the exploitation of human globalization. That is to say, ants have exploited us, used us for their own personal gain and organized a worldwide organization 70 quadrillion (70,000,000,000,000,000) strong – without the internet. I think they can handle not getting caught.


Ants build cities, too.

Some hurdles I foresee for the ants which they will have to learn to jump:

Hurdles. I think hand-eye coordination will be a supreme task that might require significant training. You have to blend in so you also need to take part in human endeavours such as work, relationships and sports. Jumping hurdles would be a pretty tough hurdle to jump, but this is only the amateur stage of global ant colonisation.

Food. Ants love sugar. Eating human food just won’t suffice in many situations so they have to make sure they are around the right places at all times, internationally so. The best bet is home delivery, so the public doesn’t see the entire human body nibble slowly at the food source. Which brings me to the next quandary.

Language. This you might think would be the most impossible of all tasks, but I don’t think so. our voice is simply a couple of cords altering shape and whatnot. This can easily be mimicked with a few ants, so we don’t really need to talk about it, it’ll just take time and diligence to achieve. However…

Facial recognition. This is tricky because people tend to look at each other. It would be ok if a super ant balaclava’d itself up or made the decision to become a Muslim female, but if 7 billion people suddenly turned up to earth, all dressed in burkas? I think it would raise at least 4 eyebrows, and probably several billions more. The best solution is to get a team of ant cosmeticians on the go, or some extremist humans to do the work for them after convincing them they are doing it for the greater good, or in the name of whatever God ants tend to believe in.

Motive. When it comes down to it, you probably need a reason to take over humans in the first place. Sure, humans kill ants by the uncountable, every second of the day, but so does every other big animal. By comparison humans are pretty helpful. They have helped perpetuate the ant species to an unbelievable amount. Getting rid of humans would slice a large fraction out of the ant population. But then, why would ants care about that, too? If for no other reason, you need a motive for the great speakers to convince the ant civilians to do a good job and remain loyal to their queens.

That’s pretty much every problem an ant revolution could possibly have, all of which are easily resolved given some time.

There is… one other problem I foresee. The same people who estimated those ant numbers also estimated that for every ant, there are 100 million… mites. those figures amass to 7 septillion mites globally. (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).


They’re coming for you, and my god they’re gonna make you sneeze.

Mites are much smaller but with those numbers, they could be a fierce competition should they figure out the same teamwork structure as the ants. Of course, the response would simply be to ally forces with the termites.


Termites are pretty proficient at the whole city thing, too.

Are you ready for it?

*Alright I did the working out. an ant weighs on average, 0.0003 grams. x 100,000,000 = 30,000 grams = 30 Kilograms. OK  so two super ants make an average Asian Male Adult. 3.5 billion is still enough to do the damage above so nothing is void. Especially if they’re all in China which the super ant size seems to imply.

How will the modern world react when we find life on other planets?

'We shouldn't have humans to mars in fifty years, we should have humans to mars in TEN.'

‘We shouldn’t have humans to mars in fifty years, we should have humans to mars in TEN.’

In the 60’s and 70’s, space was huge. It was front page material practically every day.

Science hasn’t slowed down. Space exploration hasn’t slowed down. Discoveries haven’t even slowed down, but I feel the enthusiasm has dwindled.
As a 25 year old, I’m completely aware of how people went about their lives in the 60’s so I can tell the difference.

I don’t think it’s down to people getting more depressing and bored of life or any other negative approach towards society, other than that of media distribution. If your discovery or advancement in human achievement isn’t very immediately practical and aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t hit the magazines and the headlines.

If you make a little guitar out of atoms you get some attention for it but it’s just boasting a novelty without people really realising the point of making it in the first place.

But space, going to space, that’s a real kicker. Humans going to space. Look at the attention Chris Hadfield acquired by expoliting the world’s popular media outputs, Twitter, YouTube etc. Top that off with quirky succinct style and musical creativity, you have yourself a huge following of appreciation and dreamers.

I’m certain, along with many others, that his Space Oddity cover has made a very large handful of kids look in lust and think ‘One day, I’ll go to space’. That’s what we need in this world. Adventurers, explorers, seekers of knowledge.

Anyway, The ISS is barely above the Earth and can only just be recognised as space at all. in comprehensible terms, the ISS is about 3/8ths of an inch away from the surface of the globe, if you are referring to a classroom globe. In the same scale, the moon is an astonishing 30 feet away, and Mars? a mile. A whole mile. They wouldn’t fit in your school books so the scale was never accurate (Information from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist).

Compare the attention and excitement gathered from the Red Bull jump from a balloon to the excitement you would get if Humans went to Mars. The Curiosity Rover got a fair amount of article space, but far less than various filthy celebrities I only breeze past in my life much too briefly to know what any of their names are or what TV shows they’re on.

But humans? How would we react to that? We know robots go into space almost daily these days. 500 humans have gone into space since the first ever went up. Decades ago. There are currently, and usually, 3 people in space at any given time. And this is all within 3/8ths of an inch.

This is hardly pushing the boundaries of space.

If we went a whole mile on the previous scale to Mars, I imagine a whole cacophony of rapid heart beats around the world. But is that accurate? Just because I feel that way, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same. I am heavily biased in my passion for the sciences.

People by and large take science for granted these days, which is great in its own right, but I do wonder, perhaps worry, that when the news comes about that humans land on Mars, there will be a few days of attention, posts on facebook and people looking at the image going ‘woah awesome’, before quickly fading into the abyss of general memes and back-pagers over the next couple of months.

Of course this is only wild presumptions and I sort of feel like I lack exposure to people outside of the internet to truly have a remote idea of how it would play out. But am I the only one that thinks the reaction to this would pale in comparison to the moon landing?

But what if we push the world of discovery further. What if we found *life*?

I would go crazy and immediately take a course in astrophysics and work my way into space without rest until I get there.

Would the world as a whole give a damn bar the superficial intrigue aforementioned?
Of course the first life we find is only going to be microbial, either somewhere in the depths of mars or maybe the watery underworld of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

Is that impressive? Well, the level of awesomeness will depend on whether or not the discovered life is completely independent of us, or did they originate from the same roots of existence? What I mean is, did the seeds that theoretically planted themselves on earth share itself among other planets, thus containing the same core functions, or is this life created entirely, truly separately, simply by having the same universal ingredients to play with?

I don’t really know which is more exciting or provoking, but both are strong candidates for my first heart attack. One could mean that we come from space, not from Earth, another means that life essentially perpetuates universally, and is inevitable wherever you go, providing those most common of ingredients exist.

Would the economy-driven world of capitalism see this wonderous event as enough to re-ignite a passion for discovery and boost a permanent focus on driving our civilisation out into the solar system, or will it have to be left to the corporations that are willing to spend the book in order for long term gain (tourism, asteroid mining etc)?

This post was far more of a stream of consciousness than I had planned, but it’s something to think about. Are we honestly going to get out there? For me I think we need to, for a plethora of reasons, but if nothing else, to keep the human race from stagnating.

Just picturing the live footage of the first crew on the way to mars, it smells like a fresh breeze coating the entire Earth. Unshackled.

Movie soundtrack – finished.

I’ve done a couple now (officially 2, by this Tuesday, I reckon).

In this music category there is a little playlist thing I can upload my music on to for all to listen to.

The first one here is a 3-4 minute overture of my second movie tracks, so you can get an idea what it’s gonna be like. The tracks blended in are entirely unmixed… I wouldn’t want to upload pro stuff publicly. I also can’t upload any of the film, since it’s not my film to show.

But it’s a Chinese dark comedy action film of sorts based in Shanghai with loads of awesome fight scenes and some cool time lapse shots etc. Much more fun to write music to than the first, Germany film, which consisted of three people sitting in a room and talking about cheating on each other for 1.5 hours.

Anyway, This is what has been draining my spare time away for the last couple of months. Just scroll down the page a bit, it’s on the right.